01. Who We Are

  • Our services drive growth within the emerging incubator service market.
  • Our fully-integrated brands work with both partner organizations, government agencies, and entrepreneurs.
  • Partner organizations and government agencies count on our services to drive economic development and facilitate the model.
  • Entrepreneurs count on us to lower market barriers and minimize risks associated with starting up or expanding their businesses.

02. Our Core Values

  • A COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE – We seek out, advance, and reward employees who embrace our commitment to quality and our highest standards of excellence, both individually and as a company. We are committed to delivering superior results for our customers, communities, and shareholders.
  • ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT – We embrace the creativity, flexibility, innovation, and sense of ownership our founders instilled in our culture, inspiring us to approach each day with passion and enthusiasm.
  • INTEGRITY – We conduct our business with the highest standard of ethics. We act with honesty and integrity, never compromising the truth.
  • PASSION – We are passionate about PKE Enterprises Inc. — our history, our successes, and our future. We show pride, enthusiasm, and dedication to the company in everything we do.

03. Micro Leasing Spokes

  • MICRO LEASING SPOKES lower market barriers by providing entrepreneurs access to full-service all inclusive real estate options to start, grow and expand a business.
  • We defined the term MICRO LEASING in 2015 as the act of renting out a full-service portion of time and space within a property.

04. Integrated Service Spokes

  • Mission focused INTEGRATED SERVICE SPOKES aimed at increase customer success.
  • The individuality of each service allows for a focus on the subject matter at hand and the inclusiveness allows each service team to work together.


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